Sunday, July 25, 2004

welcome to new semester

salams. im with the other girls are in the library rite now. haha. as usual, by the end of the month, library akan menjadi mangsa kami to get on the net since everyone's download quota has already exhausted. owh well, i've looked after text books i need for this sem, it seems i still need to buy one/two. ermm, start thinking for new semester.. just have another 3 sems to go to finish my degree. well, what matters me more is the fact that only one a half year left for me to be here, in Australia. then, i'll have to leave. lots of things i've learnt here, something that i couldn't get if im back home. an exposure and knowledge that i couldn't receive if im in Malaysia. and its all the truth and reality that i've just realized. well, with new semester, there will be new challenges waiting for me, so i'll have new opportunity, new priority, new courage, new semangat, new me? nope. better me, Insya Allah.

occay, i gtg now. i have to go to the airport to pick huda n the rest up this evening. haha. for the last few weeks, i've been picking ppl up to and from the airport almost everyday. so, boley la saya bukak Airport Shuttle Services afterwards. siapa nak join?? ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Cuti Musim Dingin


now and forever, InsyaAllah

at last, its time for the dessert.. we will normally get sweet dessert rite? and thats exactly what i received too. its the sweetness of the ukhuwah we've made. i miss the love and care they showered me. i miss everyone. i hope to see all of you again Insya Allah, untuk meneruskan perjuangan kita, and realize it. please pray for my istiqamah, im afraid i'll get stuck halfway. nauzubillah..

again, i hate farewell..

Di sini kita pernah bertemu
Mencari warna seindah pelangi
Ketika kau menghulurkan tanganmu
Membawaku ke daerah yang baru
Dan hidupku kini ceria

Kini dengarkanlah
Dendangan lagu tanda ingatanku
Kepadamu teman
Agar ikatan ukhuwah kan bersimpul padu

Kenangan bersamamu
Takkanku lupa
Walau badai datang melanda
Walau bercerai jasad dan nyawa

Mengapa kita ditemukan
Dan akhirnya kita dipisahkan
Mungkinkah menguji kesetiaan
Kejujuran dan kemanisan iman
Tuhan berikan daku kekuatan

Mungkinkah kita terlupa
Tuhan ada janji-Nya
Bertemu berpisah kita
Ada rahmat dan kasih-Nya

Andai ini ujian
Terangilah kamar kesabaran
Pergilah gelita hadirlah cahaya

Mount Coo-tha, Brisbane, Queensland

-----> the end of the beginning <-----
Winter Trip 2004

entry goes to: nadiah, nikster, aida, farah, erin, aishah, sarah, makcik (heh?!), tengku and no'oe (did i spell it correct?) who came over from adelaide, canberra, melbourne and sydney
it was a pleasure having you guys here in Queensland, and sorry for all clashes  sampaikan accomodation sumer wasn't really based on plan. and thanks a bunch to leen and huda for taking over my responsibility..  hehe. they were great companions ayy? =p hope u guys had enjoyed your stay here and please come again..

Monday, July 19, 2004

Cuti Musim Dingin

----->main course part three<-----

9th July - 11th July 2004

arrived Darul Uloom Mosque, Brisbane disambut oleh tuan rumah, leen dan makan malam prepared by beberapa brissies yang tinggal. may Allah reward all of you.. everyone was exhausted plus we were running out of space for everyone to sleep. brought a couple of people back to Cromwell College hoping that everyone was comfortable. the next morning, we had a ceramah menyentuh tentang golongan pemuda dan peranan mereka. and here the brisbane tour started. of course kami lah tourist guide nya. we were seriously mean coz dera all of them to walk from Roma St Parkland to South Bank just to get a free parking. sorry yah ;). well, brisbane is a small city though. it only took few hours to hang around the city. then, we straight away led them to U.Q to have lunch at the great court. as usual, we can only planned. unluckily, its raining quite heavily. so, musolla was the next best alternative. kami sempat tour around the uni dengan van walaupun hujan.. the plans went quite well when we decided to bring them up to Mount Coo-tha for Subuh prayer the next morning. hoping that everyone got up early to catch the sunrise as well. alhamdulillah, we succeed. at the same time, i realized that the time was running out coz they gonna leave already. rabbit, denise and me decided to follow them to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast to spend the rest of the time left with all of them. and finally, we parted....

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Cuti Musim Dingin

----->main course part two<-----

6th July - 9th July 2004

bermulalah jaulah / winter trip ke almost separuh bumi australia. we left melbourne for Canberra with 11 vans and a tarago. just imagine how huge is the tour ayy? despite facing some difficulties at the beginning of the journey, we managed to arrive Australian National University for Subuh prayer. if we all notice, kalau kita nak melakukan menda2 baik ni, mesti ada je dugaan menimpa. anggaplah dugaan ni sebagai ujian dari Allah untuk menguji sejauh mana tabah dan ikhlas hamba-hamba Nya. touring around canberra for one day, been to Parliament House, Telstra Tower, National Museum of Australia and a park which i forgot what it is. the fact that canberra was just too cold had shivered me for the whole tour. i can't really stand the freezing but, i love canberra for the significance of real winter i've had compared to brissy. many gratitude to amalia & nadia for being the best tour guide. goodbye Australian Capital of Territory....

our next destination was the most well-known city, Sydney. overnight at Punchbowl and had a talk at University of New South Wales the next morning. spent the rest of the day jalan-jalan. been to Sydney Opera House, got on cruise to Darling Harbour, and ended up menghirup udara segar at Royal Botanic Garden for solat n dinner. had quite a time there for the drivers to get ready for another long journey. we didn't do nothing throughtout the whole journey. alhamdulillah, ada pengisian telah disusun oleh biro activity so that time won't get killed camtu jer. perjalanan diteruskan untuk destinasi terakhir which is brisbane. before we reached brisbane, kami sempat menghabiskan perbincangan tentang usul 20 by Imam Hassan Al-Bana and Antara Semalam dan Hari Ini. i admit of my lack of confidence to speak my views out besides inferiority complex menyerang. to members of Asma' Abu Bakar thank you for all your guidance and being understanding. please pray for me yah. goodbye New South Wales....

i didn't expect plan has been changed from dropping by at Gold Coast to Byron Bay. sampai jugak at last kat the most easterly point in australia. subhanallah, sangat cantik pemandangan.. at one moment, something came across my mind. why am i actually join this jaulah? is it because of saja jalan2? suka ria? ataupun ambil gambar for collection? jauh berjalan luas pandangan.. sambil menikmati keindahan alam, it makes me realize how great Allah is, how grateful am i to Him. betapa sayangnya Allah kat kita sediakan alam yang cukup indah untuk makhlukNya, dan betapa sepatutnya aku as hambaNya bersyukur and taat kepadaNya. besides, jaulah has strengthen the bond between us, all sisters. i can feel the sweetness of ukhuwah fillah sepanjang perjalanan. all of them care and love each other because of Allah. sayang sisters sume!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Cuti Musim Dingin

----->main course part one<-----

30th June 2004

arrived melbourne diraikan oleh freezing wind. first thought was, aku memang tak tahan cuaca camni.. then we straight away been invited to attend a house warming at Rina n the gang's house. rezeki mencurah-curah.. makan free! alhamdulillah.. met many new faces here. rasenyer, tak teringat nama2 sumerg this time.. thanx for the treat, tuan rumah!!

1st July - 2nd July 2004

what else can you expect to do in melbourne? shopping!! shopping!! shopping!! i don't spend much coz i was broke. enough window shopping then. been lepaking at Lin's at College Square and Cthans's at Caulfield, touring around melbourne uni guided by Shahid and Nik, and of course snapping pickies everywhere. and not to forget, cherishing the food that we couldn't get back in brissy since halal food is everywhere.. ermm, makan makan.. Cthans cooked me proper and nice nasik berlauk.. thanx ct! btw, i calculated that i spent lots for tram tickets. lucky us for the concession we get in Queensland. ;)

3rd July - 5th July 2004

tercapai juga antara tujuan utama ku turun ke melbourne. its WINTER CAMP 2004! this is the first gath i attended coz i missed last year's for technical reasons. it was held at Werribee Islamic College which took us about 30 mins from the city. hows the feelings when i arrived? sangat tak tergambar.. sebab gathering ni involved people from all over aussie which were sangat ramai! there are ppl from canberra, adelaide, perth, sydney, n of course melbourne n brisbane. it was so amazing when you met such ramai orang melayu di muka bumi australia ni and at one moment aku rasa cam kat malaysia lak. banyak pengisian diberi this time, to simplify it, antaranya disentuh tentang tarbiyyah (sejarah, keperluan, kaedah), musuh-musuh Islam, theory darwinisme & materialisme which i think an interesting one coz its new to me, and also usul 20 iaitu asas kefahaman Islam which is a must for us to know and understand. besides, we had some group works and discussions. its such a pleasure to attend the program. i love the ukhuwah we built, the knowledge i received, the experiences i gained and sangat rugi if i missed it.

well finally, ada apa dengan winter gath?

pergi, alami, rasai, kongsi..

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Cuti Musim Dingin


26th June 2004

it was the best feeling when i at last finished my final exam yesterday. on the other side, i was worried with my last paper that day, income tax law (paper maut maa). but well, its holiday!! the next day, we had a farewell party for our lovely sisters, kak zila n kak jas. its a successful girls nite in party, wearing pyjamas was the theme and rule that nite. heh. we had nandos ordered n spent the rest of the night doing 'girls thing'. *wink wink* they will go back home for good on 7th July. here, i would like to convey my dearest appreciation to both of you, really nice having u guys around. sorry and thanks for everything. all the best in life, Insya Allah we will see each other some time. take care, really gonna miss u both!! argh, i hate farewells.. serious talk.

29th June 2004

few days before i left for melbourne. i had coffee with my course mate, Lily discussing initially about the past exams, program we're doing, majors n future plans. this is the most difficult part when i have to choose my major starting next semester. occay, Accounting vs Accounting & Finance, which one would i rather do? i really need peoples ideas and supports.

on the same day, 5 of us went up to Springwood where IKEA situated at. the fact that they advertised 70% off for all items reallly caught us to go but yet its just nothing. i expected that anyway. had grabbed few small stuffs. then, we drove down to Kuraby Mosque for a talk. couldn't remember the title but its an interesting one, good speaker. for the first time i've had chance to meet this seramai muslims community in brisbane who came from different suburbs all over brisbane. i can feel the warmth of ummah here..

i killed the rest of my time watching Orange County, a series currently shown on tv. its a privilege for us coz we had all season one 27 episodes complete from the LAN but i was just able to reach episode 16 for two nights before i left for melbourne. so far, its touching, SWEEEEEtttt, full of conflicts, twist and turns, awesome, different from other typical series. i recommend O.C to all since i am one of the fanatic fans here in brissy. hehe.

i hope my holiday will be exciting and worth it. at this time, i wasn't really looking forward to leave for melbourne. probably the fact that i've been there once n suddenly i realized that im broke turned the excitement off. ili's in malaysia, mynn n fazz are now in christchurch, nz and here we parted. good bye brisbane... HERE THE JOURNEY STARTS...

Monday, July 12, 2004

rindu blog ku!!!

salamz to everyone. owh, i've been leaving my blog for such ages. firstly, let me start with birthday wishes. happy belated birthday to my ayah, Idris Omar. i promise to be a good daughter n jaga adik2. i pray for your happiness herein n hereafter. may Allah bless you! i love you always!! belated birthday wishes goes to : saedat, eli, hasni, abadi, din, camy, julie, alin, irna.. thats whom i remembered. sorry yg tak dimention.. tapi papepon, saya tetap doakan semua.. :)

::entry about my cuti will be out soon, insyaallah..

Thursday, July 01, 2004

sorry fans for not updating my blog.

im on v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n right now!!!!