Tuesday, May 31, 2005

c h a n g e

By looking at the title, I'm pretty sure people are getting bored with it. So do I. But, that's the reality we should be facing. We can't prevent other people to change. Because sometimes, it comes naturally or else, been affected by the environment and situation. In this world, we just have two choices to choose. It's either being good or bad, do good deeds, or do bad things. It's been stated in the Quran about these two choices. Same applies to us. There are two kind of human being. Of course one is the good and vice versa. And the rewards promised by Allah for being good or bad are either Syurga or Neraka. It's then up to us, whether to choose any of the paths. So, if we are chasing for the Syurga, then of course we need to change for the better. Why not?

Last few days, a good friend of mine talked to me regarding this matter. To that friend of mine, yes, we are both in the same situation. I guess, everyone is in that situation too. I changed. You changed. And everyone changed from time to time without realizing it. Firstly, it's just the matter whether one realizes and cares or not. Secondly, It's the matter of can we handle it or not. For me, change is a significant issue that plays an enormous role in affecting my life. For those people who know me very well, you'll know how important friendship is to me, how high priority I've been putting into friendship. So, that's why all those things happened. But, I've tried my best so far to manage and adapt with it. And I will keep on trying.

Finally, I really appreciate your thoughts, my friend. And good luck to you with managing changes. :)

[ For those who didn't understand what am I talking about, you can have a go with any of the management books. Change is a vital part in our life. That's why all management courses will have topics about changes and how to manage those to show how important it is to any organisation or individual ]

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Had A Blast

Phew, everything just happened in a day. On Friday night, I was in Sydney and now, I'm back in Brissy. The interview seminar was going very well. Thanx to Mr Aziz for organising it, I guess, we've got some overview and guidelines on how the real interview is going to be. We've been given some hints too. *wink wink* We can start having practices among ourselves from time to time ya. Besides, it was great to meet other scholars from other states as well. There were some of them whom I last time met was during the first orientation. Wargh, a day gathering was not enough to catch up rite? We'll meet again some time soon. Hee. Despite of time constraint, we only managed to go to Fox Studios for few snaps of pickies. Well, that was a meaningful moment though. :) Special thanks to Yaya and housemates for the warmth hospitality. Nice meeting everyone at Sydney and for all who will be graduating this year, see you guys again in July!! All the best in exams!!

Being away from reality for a day was just a blast - can run away from thinking about uni's exams and quizzes. But now, the fantasy dismissed. Right now, focus is essential. Focus!! Missing Sydney already though.. hik.

Right after the arrival, we straight away headed to Pancake Manor for Najwa's 22nd Birthday.

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To Naji, Have a very happy birthday! May it brings a lot more happiness and joy!

I bet everybody will post this pic on their blog too. Hee. But, sangat suka gamba ni sbb sangat natural. She was so surprised when the waiter brought her a waffle with bunga api on it. Hope you had a blast too! Other pickies of mine on Sydney trip and Najwa's birthday can be viewed from Fazz's or Najwa's.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Everything is in a rush. Interview skills seminar, lecture and quizzes are all in a day. And yah, I have to be in front of Cambridge Square by 5.30 pm this evening. And right now, I'm in the law library, blogging. I just finished completing those stuffs few minutes ago and gotta run back home NOW because i haven't pack up yet. Bye bye. Sydney, here I come!!!

Will be back in Brissy tomorrow night. Toodles.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Car Is Back With Us Finally

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After a month terkurung dalam garage Cambridge Square akibat broke down, at last someone made an iniative to send it off to a workshop. At first, the mechanic said it might be something to do with electrical problems - spark plug rosak. Then, we just leave it to him to check apa yang patut and repair. The next day, when we came to get the car back, rupa-rupanya something major was actually rosak. And the total cost get down to $270++ which memang dah expect dah. Well well well, that doesn't really matter because we were expecting the cost will be more at first (ermm, tapi, it matters gak sebenarnya, hik). Syukur la. But, what really caught my attention and rasa nak lempang diri (hehe) was the reason that cause the damage.

Flashback, flashback.. A few kilometres before the car broke down, we filled in the fuel tank at Toowong petrol kiosk. That time, we were in a hurry for PQSA Yaasin Recitation. And guess what? Rupa rupanya, kami pergi isi diesel masa tu, not petrol. So, enjin kereta pon jadi rosak. Biggest mistake ever and will learn from it.

Lessons behind the stories:
- Be careful
- Be alert and aware of keadaan sekeliling
- Allah nak menguji kesabaran kita, kan.
- Such a lady driver

Monday, May 23, 2005

Final Exam Fever Part I

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After two and a half years studying accounting,
I'm now in love with accounting (at last!!),
The new textbook is already worn out as I need to carry it everywhere.

I always need a green highlighter + green post-it notes,
Both must be in fluorescent to accompany me with my law studies.

And they come really well with my huge pencil case,
And it is in green fluorescent too.

I would really love to wear a spectacles,
And after all, i did (pinjam huda's) Yay!

And now,
Do I look like a nerd uni student now?
Or smart?


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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's Roomie's Birthday!

After had some discussions (pergh, discussion tuu) and brain storming with Huda and Leen, we came out with a simple spontaneous idea to surprise the birthday girl. For me personally, this surprise was the best I've made this year. Thanks girls. Everyone turned up on time and get ready in our house, some of the girls baked a special birthday cake, some goreng the keropok. While I've got a bouquet of dried flowers and put them on the stairs and include some little instructions to direct the birthday girl. And finally, Huda gave her a call saying that her family wanted to talk to her, and when she knocked the door; SUPRISED! *

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Happy 22nd birthday, Aishah! Love you lots!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Damai vs Coffee Finale

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

I thought that the previous entry will be the last one for damai vs coffee, but it turns out that this one is the finale. As promised with Najwa and bumped into Leen on my way, three of us had coffee together at BEL Faculty roof top. (to Aishah: sorry Ecah, kita tak pernah terserempak kat uni - next time ekh, kita date dua org je tau ;))I reckon, I should get some credits from that coffee shop la for mentioning its name quite few times here. Heehee. But, the iced-choc there memang sgt tempting and mouth watering. You can't resist one wooo. While waiting for my next class, we spent our time there and catching up with each other. It was a meaningful day and it turned out to be a great damai vs coffee finale. :)

Special Wishes For Today

To Hussin Ali - Happy Birthday, little bro~!
To Cikgu Maziyah a.k.a mak saya dan semua cikgu-cikgu saya: Happy Teacher's Day! Jasa mu tetap ku kenang sampai bila-bila, bukan harini je tau. ;)

Friday, May 13, 2005

Damai vs Coffee III

Ok, forget the previous entry i wrote. Thank you for all your concern. I really appreciate u guys. Hugss. :)

Yesterday, I had spent my evening at Den's and lucky me Baya was there too. It will be realllly great when you managed to meet up with people around you. Like, with all uni's hectic schedule and assignments here and there, you will feel really great and relieved when you had some little time (at least) to spend with your friends. The main thing are, you know what your friends are up to, how are they going, or sometimes, you can be next to her if she's in a 'having problem' situation. Owh, forgot to say that I had coffee with Aiza a day before. It was raining all day that time. Its certainly a perfect moment when you had a cup of hot choc in a coffee shop while outside's raining. Heee. I was so happy and reallly really damai again.

Ok, mesti korg boring dah with entry damai and coffee ni kan. =p Ok, gtg to uni now. Tonite, need to buy few stuffs from the city. Wassalam.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

(Pics of Den, Aiza and me. Baya wasn't in the pic.)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mode - Upset but full of wonders

I just don't understand. Was I being too harsh? Was I being too abrupt? Kenapa manusia ni enggak fair? When someone superior said something, everyone will just nod and accept exactly what he said. But, suddenly someone who was a less superior came out with a thought and unluckily, it opposed what superior said, that person will be dumped and hentam back. This situation seems to be so familiar. Not only in small2 things, but what had happened in the real big world too. Kita nak menegakkan kebenaran, tapi pihak berlawanan tidak dapat menerima, rasa tercabar, lalu terus menerus menghentam dan cuba mencari kesalahan. Apa kes?

Takda mood nak makan. Dah la hari ni sangat sejuk. :(

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Damai vs Coffee II

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I've had a lovely evening too today. Haven't been catching up with Ili for quite some time. And we did it this evening. Had coffee (again?) with Ili at Unit 12's front balcony. But this time, Ili made me and her a cup of coffee by herself unlike yesterday. We borak borak, sembang sembang, cerita cerita, update update and a lot more. I really loved that moment. I had the damai feeling again today.. ;)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Damai vs Coffee I

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Just had hot choc with marshmallow at BEL Fac coffee shop with Huda and Fazz at about one hour ago. The weather was being so nice, gloomy. Had catch up with them, borak borak. They were happy after submitted their assignment just now. And me pon happy sebab cuaca sangat damai and feeling quite tenang today. Macam lagu ni,

Damai yang dirasa
Melihat warnanya
Tenangnya di mindaku
Suasana kehijauan yang indah

Kicauan beburung rimba
Berterbangan bebas
di dalam rimba raya
Pepohon turut berlagu
Menerima sentuhannya
sinaran sang mentari hari

Di alam rimba damai dirasa
Segala-galanya terlukis sempurna
Di alam rimba keajaibannya
Pesona di jiwa

Di rimba tiada
Derita sengketa
Tiada kudengari
Tangisan sepi yang mengguris hati
Sang pelangi ceria
Menanti kehadirannya gerimis senja
Bisikan desiran air
Turut sama menghiasi
keindahan ciptaan Ilahi

{ Damai - Nowseeheart }

Sunday, May 08, 2005

From the Bottom of Someone's Heart

A strange feeling suddenly came out not from my mind, but from my heart. After some time I haven't feel this down, unlike tonight. At first, I don't wanna care anymore what's going to happen, but why do you have to be there too? And... What makes us different now? Is it because of few unrealised factors, so everything have changed? So, were we the same before? Where are you? Where are you right now? I'm feeling so down, you would normally be beside me unlike now. You had always cheered me up unlike now. If someone would ask me how do you value your friendship, I would say, priceless. Full stop. So, please don't do this to me anymore. I would rather be apart than being together but hurtful.

So, should I still care?
Should I still love?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Finished but Not Yet Done?

All mid-sem exams - down
Japanese skit - down
Law quiz - down

But, there's a lot more still coming up. One assignment dues tomorrow, another law quiz on Friday, a small test next week and followed by an econometrics quiz. Wargh, this will be a neverending story. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is facing this kinda of situation but guys, there's more to life. Not just menda2 ni jer. So, chill out k! Jangan tension-tension, banyak bersabar tau. :)

Good news for me, allowance dah masuk. Yay! And guess what, me and Rabbit has got our marks for the skit presentation and it was going well. Alhamdulillah. One night practice but full of semangat and support were worth it. Thank you to all gurls out there who did support us especially Mynn and Fazz for your assistance. Arigato gozaimashita.

~ Birthday wishes for this week ~

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Wafa's is on 3rd May - Happy birthday dear! Nanti hujung tahun ni kita celebrate skalik k? Sayang ko gell! Muahhs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Today is Nadia's - Happy 21st birthday Nadia! May Allah grant you happiness always. Have a great and wonderful year! Gonna see u this weekend.