Sunday, July 25, 2010

salam wrt,

From the day i arrived Miri sometime in Sept 2009, I have gone through a lot of changes in my life. Used to be a single and independent girl, then to a married wife to a great husband and later, a mummy to a cute little son. From a simple and complacent job scope, to a demanding and challenging ones, furthermore, entering an upstream business which slightly more complicated that downstream.

It takes me some time to recover the abrupt changes.

Nevertheless, alhamdulillah wa syukur lillah, I thank Allah for listening to my prayers. furthermore, i received strong support from beloved people around me, that finally keep me survived. thank you to all especially beloved husband.

with this, insya Allah Salwabee akan kembali menjadi singa seperti dahulu. dengan semangat yang sama seperti dahulu.

Doakan bumi Miri berkembang dengan hati2 yg faham, ikhlas dan teguh dgn Islam.

Syukur 10000x for having an obedient and less meragam little son and to Allah for granting me this.