Monday, March 27, 2006

Dear my blog readers,

Adapting to new everything
Assalamualaikum, I miss all of you seriously! Afwan sgt2 for leaving my blog static for quite some time. One thing about working with Petronas, not everyone is allowed to have access to internet. Kalau org mcm saya ni dapat access, mmg kerja tak jalan la nnt. :D Nways, for everyone's info, im now already in Bintulu. Working, living, and settling down. Being here for the first time is quite strange for me, of course, I've been sent here, alone. Unlike some other new executives reported for duty earlier, they at least have been accompanied by one or two other new execs as well. But, I'm the one and only salwa bee. If im not Salwa, I would not have taken the challenge to come here. Far away from family and my beloved az-zahra and colleagues. I have tried my best to adapt with the environment, and situation. Alhamdulillah, I managed to do it. The feeling is more or less the same when I first arrived in Oz. You know no one, you are blending into new environment, new people, new culture etc. Kalau dkt Oz ramai org putih, kat sini of course ramai org Sarawak esp Iban. If dkt Oz they speak understandable english, here they speak bahasa Sarawak (which sgt comel). If masa mula2 pegi Oz, kita ramai2 satu batch, tapi, masa datang sini mula2, I'm all alone and now in the process of breaking the ices one by one (hehe). But, everything is interesting and exciting if u enjoy doing it. I enjoy working near to the plant (which I never imagine I will have this opportunity), I enjoy being around with local Sarawakian, listening to them speaking Sarawak, some speak Iban and Melanau accent which a bit harder to catch up what they talk about. I enjoy knowing more people, making more friends, from all sorts of ages, tua muda, executive n vice versa. MLNG has a range of warmth and welcoming staffs which I really appreciate them. And I still play netball here tau :D But, don't forget, whatever you do, the intention mestilah kerana Allah. U will find it sweet later. Overall, im happy and thankful for Allah sending me here.

Why I was sent to a deserted place called Bintulu?
There's always a reason why I was sent here. Of course, it's Allah's will. At first, mmg I kept on thinking, why I am here. Most of brissies sume dapat kerja kat klcc, in fact, all az-zahra are also attached there. Why I'm alone? I also need at least someone to support me. Bila sampai sini mula2, I was amazed or shocked I would say, majority org kat sini beragama Kristian, gereja lebih byk bersepahan dari masjid, pub lebih byk dari kedai runcit, women wearing veils can be counted by hands. That has added the flavour of awkwardness being here compared to semenanjung. Kesimpulannya, tak ramai org Islam kat sini, ataupun, tak ramai org Islam yg practising, ataupun tak ramai orang tahu tentang Islam. Disebabkan fakta2 itu lah, it awakes me up, saya jadi lebih berkobar, my spirit has become high and high. Saya jadi lebih bersemangat utk menyampaikan yg benar, dan membetulkan yg salah bila lihat keadaan sekeliling yg perlukan tenaga dan masa kita. We can't just sit, look, relax and have fun doing nothing. We have to do something. Alhamdulillah, masa saya terisi dgn aktiviti yg mendekatkan saya dan orang sekeliling kepada fitrah kita yg sebenar iaitu Islam. Ramai adik2 sekolah, dahagakan ilmu dan perlukan kita. So far so good I would say, but of course we need more people, youngsters, pemuda pemudi utk sama2 membawa masyarakat ke jalan yang satu. Dengan kekuatan iman, dan kekuatan ukhuwah, cukuplah untuk menguatkan kita.

Last but not least,
To all para daie out there, teruskan bekerja tak kira di mana kita berada. Gunakan la setiap detik, tak kira la di tempat kerja/makan/main etc, dengan bermanfaat. Jadi lah seperti biji benih yg baik, walau dicampakkan ke mana pon, akan terus subur dan tumbuh menjadi pokok yang berbuah. Memang tak dapat nak disangkal, byk cabaran terpaksa dilalui, tapi memang kita perlukan cabaran untuk menguji kita, dah kita pon pilih jalan yg jarang dilalui orang, we chose the less travelled road, so we have to get ready for the upcoming challenges.

Kpd sahabat2 di Brissy, teruskan la perjuangan kalian. Don't give up ok?

Loves lots fillah.