Tuesday, November 20, 2007

user friendly vs sophisticated/high tech..

salam my dear readers,
if we would like to get something, any product like appliances, or gadgets maybe, user friendly will mainly be a feature/element that we normally prioritise. most of the time, it precedes the element of 'canggih' or stylish. here, i just would like to share two situations for us to ponder.

Situation 1:
If I ask most people, especially the youngsters, what brand of handphone would they like to buy or look for? the answer would always be Nokia. because of what, the user friendly element. i can't deny that it offers user friendliness more than any other brands do. But, the issue here is, if we spend our money to buy Nokia products, who do you think will smile cheerfully and who will suffer badly? The answers are as follows:

  • We will be very happy because we can easily use the phone without reading through the manual in fact, because it is user friendly.
  • The yaya (my indication for the jews) will be happier because muslims contribute our money to them, and indirectly, helping them to kill the muslims in Palestine and Lubnan. They are also happy because their plans through psychological war are successfully implemented and objective has been achieved.
  • Our brothers and sisters in Palestine will suffer. They will be killed. They will cry and shout for help from all muslims in the world.

Hence, Muslims keep on buying Yaya products, whilst our families in Palestine are dying.. just for you to ponder and reflect..

Situation 2:
I recently went to Kota Kinabalu attended a course there. Was impressed with the beautiful scenery, peaceful beach, Subhanallah. Promenade's view was tremendous. I guess, that's the reason why tourists come and go from the hotel, non stop. Ok, anyway, I went to visit a few sisters in UMS, also a nice university. I would rate it as second most beautiful architecture/landscaping of a local university after UIA. Erm, btw, don't quote my rating ya :) Again, I was impressed and overwhelmed with its mosque. The structure was sooo sophisticated, and beautiful. Nice to see, and I appreciate the arts of human, well actually, the arts of God. But, the only thing that sadden me is that, the location of the mosque is very far from the hostel, therefore, it's not user friendly at all. People will think twice whether to go to the mosque or not, especially for night prayers. It takes a longg walk to reach there, plus the hills up and down. Erm, can you imagine, a beautiful mosque without an adequate jemaah? What is the role of a mosque actually.. Who do you think will smile and who do you think will suffer here?

  • again, the yaya or kafiirun will smile gracefully because their plans of ghawzul fikr (perang minda/perang psikologi) went well. Muslims still declare as Muslims, but not a practising Muslim. Lifestyle is following the west, Quran is no more the nearest reference, Allah is no longer the only God (because indirectly other things become indirect gods as well). The number of jemaah in the mosque is declining, mosque is viewed as tourist attraction, because of the architecture etc, or at least, Muslims will pray Jumaah prayer only. That's the hidden agenda.
  • Muslims will suffer. Get carried away from the Quran, the right path. Got confused with wrong and rights.

I also remembered last week I went back to KL for National Accountants Conference held in KL Convention Centre. I was also impressed with the design, interiors and the building structure. That feeling appeared when I was in the auditorium. Then, during lunch break, I went to the surau for prayers, I was upset by the location, size and quality of the surau. It is located in a not user friendly floor, the size is too tiny for women to pray jemaah, and.... the tile used I think is the cheapest tile after toilet tile yg kecil2 tu. While it is carpeted in the hallway, auditorium and walkway, why can't surau be carpeted as well? Ermm. Or at least, quality tiles. Sedih sedih.

Ironically, Nokia is created and branded as User friendly. Mosque is always labelled as not user friendly. How smart is the yaya.. and syaitanurrajim.. Syaitan has already declared the war since the day Adam was created. And now, so do the yaya.

Let's pray to Allah, to give us strength, to strive and fight against our enemies. Let's pray to Allah, to guide us to the correct path.. May Allah bless us always.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

things become more complicated,
challenges are coming day by day,
i have to stay strong.. i have to hide the feelings..
but, i failed.

how shall i hide my expression??
learn, learn and learn..

jazakillah ukhti for everything,
since you are here,
your continuous support are always meaningful.

our priority stays,
anything for dakwah..... (quote of the day, everyday)
any hidden agenda?
any personal interest?
any society interest?

no, no, no...
anything for dakwah....