Thursday, February 24, 2005

24 hours +/- left

Malam sangat sepi. Tetiba rasa sedih menyelubungi diri ini. Tinggal beberapa jam sahaja aku akan meninggalkan tanah air sekali lagi. Come on Salwa.. face the reality!~! This is life.. bertemu dan berpisah, datang dan pergi, it will be fine.. semuanya niat kerana Allah.

Right now, i am (still) packing my stuffs. One problem just occured, satu bag tak cukup to fit everything in. I have to bring 2 bags besides having another hand luggage. I pon wonder apa la banyak sgt barang sampai tak cukup satu bag yang sangat besar. Hoping that, i won't be facing any problems masa check-in nanti. Thanks Fazz for the help offered. I really appreciate that. =)

Siang tadi, ku masih sempat selesaikan few things. Went to PNB in Kl, berjaya siapkan a family photo album, jumpa dentist and burn gambar2 to cds. Ok gak la tu kan managed to settle those dalam masa separuh hari. hehee.

In case i don't get online dah before balik Brisbane, here, i wanna thank everyone whom i did hang out with, thanks for the companion. To all yang tak sempat nak jumpa, sorry sangat2.. Time sgt constraint.. Insya Allah we will meet again soon. Take care everyone.

Ok ok, sekarang nak sambung burn gambar dan packing (lagi?). To all brissies, nantikan kemunculan ku!! See ya!~!


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mengitung Hari

Hari ni, genap lagi 2 hari aku akan berada di tanah air. Preparation ku so far, belum selesai lagi. Ayah dah sound, jangan last minute.. Takut ada yang tertinggal. Dan aku sedang berusaha untuk tidak last minute, tengah sort out things to bring back. Maybe malam esok baru boleh start packing. Ramai jugak my friends whom already arrived Brisbane by now. Sure tengah busy kemas-kemas rumah kan.. heee.. Selamat berkemas..

Esok, thought of having the final shopping. Ada few stuffs tak settle lagi.

Sebenarnya, i'm so grateful and happy these days. Satu berita gembira baru ku perolehi semalam. Aku bersyukur yang teramat kepada Allah s.w.t. Aku sempat berkongsi kegembiraan dengan seorang sahabat yang kebetulan berada dengan ku ketika itu. For this particular person who knows what's going on, wish me luck. I will take the challenges as an opportunity... Let's ganbatte together!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Rentetan Peristiwa II

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Menjawab taggie ku;

HuDa: Hehe, its ok.. =) Anyway, i've updated my link to ur blog already.. keep on writing babe.. will see u this june/july Insya Allah..

pakcik: W'salam.. Saya baik, alhamdulillah.. how's everything there? Saya still ingat pakcik kat straddie.. semoga berjumpa lagi, Insya Allah.

rabbit: Iyaaa!! Apa kaba juniors? hehe..

man00kie: Miss u too girl.. I'm going back already.. isk isk..

FaZz & fhadi: Salaam Maal Hijrah.. Moga tahun ni membawa keberkatan kepada kita.. Ameen..

nur: Congratulations! Nice meeting you last monday! Take care ok.

Kak Su: W'salam.. Saya belum ready sepenuhnya lagi. Tgh bersiap lagi ni. hehe. Kak Su bleh tolong fetch us nanti? Yayy.. Our flight is on Saturday 9.20 am and will arrive Brisbane at 7.20 pm (brissy time). I will reconfirm with you again nanti ok.

tomsys: I'm going back on 26th Feb, tom.. Glad that we've met haritu.. Will be missing u too.. =(
Good Morning~!

Today at 7 am in the morning, i'm at home!! Not as usual anymore. Normally during this time, i'll be on the road, driving to the office. Feel quite awkward, the routine has changed. But, that's life. Next week, there will be another new routine because i will be at Brissy. It seems scary, a new beginning, a new year, a new life. wuhoooo.

Well, my industrial training has ended yesterday. Yesterday, at first, i was happy n cheerful because i can lepak at home for this one week left, no need to go out early to the office anymore, no need to be in a very stressful environment when everyone gets sooo busy like bees during the closing at the end of every month (you should experience it gell). but when i stepped out of the office jer, i suddenly felt sad n cheerless. One, the end of it means the nearer the time for me to leave Malaysia, and uni to begin. Its my final year, hope everything goes well, Insya Allah. Two, the fact that i will miss the yearly closing in Marc. Wuhhoo, it will be much more stress and fun. hehee.. And third, its the farewell session. As i always said, i hate farewells. Some of my officemates were shocked when i met them to say goodbye. They marah me sebab tak notify them earlier that yesterday was my last day ( i think i've told them, too much of works can keep people forgetting, hehee.)

Anyway, I really had great time being with all of you in Finance & Accounts Department, PDB. I've gained a lot of knowledge and experience that will be useful for me in the future. Obviously, not much i can use and apply for my studies coz studies are more on theoretical, but works are done practically. Anyway, the experience i've had really matters. Besides, the most valuable thing i earned from my training was the motivation and encouragement. Dah la most of the executives including managers and senior manager are all Aussie graduates. They also had their ups and downs, success and failure during their studies. They had really encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

To all my friends out there, please pray for me.. Please pray whatever is the best for me.. But, don't worry.. i will always keep in mind and not to forget what is my first priority in life. It will be most useful for here in and hereafter..

Monday, February 07, 2005

Panggilan Dari Jauh

Malam ini, aku tak bercadang pon nak online sebenarnya. But since I have to finish my assignment which due tomorrow, I have to get online tonight. While browsing for the materials i need, terasa plak tangan ni nak memblog kejap. hihihii. Semalam lebih kurang pukul 5 pagi, I received a call from someone. I was shocked after quite some time tak dapat call waktu pagi2 camtu (teringat dulu2). Nasib baik panggilan dari jauh, aku layan la... hehee.. thanks Al-Huda kerana berjaya mengejutkan aku pagi2. =p Really appreciate your call.. We managed to talk a lot jugak kan? Eventhough aku cam mamai2 skit.. hehe.. You are such a shuweettt and thoughtful friend for still remembering me here.. Malam ni kata nak call rumah? hehe, mengada-ngada lak aku. Missing you my friend.. :(

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Whaaaaddddup???? (jerit cam kat ym audibles)

Salaam and hi everyone!!!!! Sedar tak sedar, lama jugak aku tak update blog ni. Sedar tak sedar, tak lama lagi je aku nak balik brissy dah. Sedar tak sedar jugak, practical training aku tak lama je lagi dah nak abis. Semua nya berlaku dalam keadaan sedar dan tak sedar. So far, i'm doing good now. But seriously, i admit, this time punya summer holiday, my schedule was so tight. So far, every weekend memang full (weekdays sememangnya). Since i'm working on weekdays, my weekends will be spent most with my family. Akan ada je hal family during weekend. And i realized, cuti kali ni, i spent less time with my friends. Both old and current friends and also making new friends. Well, if time permits, of course i don't mind and want to. Who don't right? =)

Today, my batch had a gathering at Secret Recipe, Avenue K. Of course it was a great time! Bila kawan sekolah dah kumpul sesama, tambahan all girls school plak tu, kecoh la tempat tu jadik dibuat kitorg. Dah tak kisah dah orang sekeliling nak kata apa.. hehee.. You girls had really changed physically, but not perangai.. still tak berubah2... like 3 years ago.. gilerr and rebellious.. hehee.. teringat balik zaman skolah.... All the best to all!~!

Hah, forgot to mention that last friday, i had a lunch with Ili and Denise. Ili spent me a birthday treat at Chilli's, KLCC. We spent more than an hour since its friday. I love fridays... hehe. girls talk, studies talk, career talk, girls talk, girls talk. heee. Lame gak tak jumpa Ili sejak balik Malaysia ni. Thanks a lot girl for the nice treat.. Hope to see u girls around...

Will update some more soon. Take care everyone.