Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I am going back to Bintulu today ETD 1330.
Will miss my blog again :)
Till then, hope to blog there soon..

Take care all!
Another year older..
If you ask me what is the day I like most, it would be birthdays! Be it mine, or others'.
I love birthdays.. making other people happy, and feel appreciated, is so much of fun and loves. Some people don't like knowing that she/he's growing older, but, age is truly just a number. For me, I will be the most happieest person, when knowing that today is someone's birthday and every day I will look forward to wish a person, a very happy birthday.

And yesterday, is the most meaningful day in my life EVER.
Thank you to all whom remembered.. hugs and kisses to all!
I am touched until now, knowing that a lot actually remembered.

I am growing man! No more twenty-two year old executive, the youngest executive working in MLNG processing plant. From now onwards, I will learn to be more independent, less clumsy, and thinking more about future.

Happy 23rd birthday, Salwa...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

when ukhuwwah built is because of Allah
I hit a car today at Sungai Besi Toll. Unfortunately.
Today, again.. aku menghargai persahabatan kerana Allah..
It's Kimah's car, her mom's. Kata Kimah, Allah nak menguji persahabatan kita,
dan akhirnya, dia berlapang dada.. kerana ukhuwah fillah...

Ku bersyukur padamu Allah,
Moga Kau tetapkan hati-hati kami dalam agama Mu..

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Utilisation of A Day
Back in KL for few outstanding items to settle. Took a long leave, until 9th. Jazakillah Fazz for temaning me the whole day yesterday. I managed to settle all the things that I have planned to. By the way, a lot of things I've learned while being together with Fazz semalam.
  • sahabat fillah will do anything for u, for the cause of Him
  • Planning to fail is better than failing to plan
  • Walk the talk- As Saff: 2-3

Again a reminder to myself and others. We have committed to something, which definitely brings you closer to Allah, so please please, walk the talk. Am afraid that kita jadi cakap tak serupa bikin. Go Salwa Go!