Saturday, January 29, 2005

Get-together Lunch With Brissy Girls

We had joy,
We had fun,
We had seasons in the sun....

(gambar adalah sumbangan Fazz )

hehe... best kan haritu? I'm so glad that most of us turned up. I know Bahiah was upset kan sbb tak leh dtg.. sbb ramai ada.. hehe.. Ili and Denise was supposed to join too but ada hal lain.. Huda and Kimah sgt jauh... While Rabbit lagi jauhhhh... =(

We managed to bertanya kabar, exhchange cerita and update, gossips =) dan mkn! hehe.. Here i would like to thank Fazz for her completed assignment. Caya la Fazz!! leh buat lagi ni.. hehehee.. And thanks everyone for your presence especially Sarah and her sis yg turun jauh from Melaka.

Hope to see you guys tomorrow for Kak Yanti's wedding.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Rentetan Peristiwa I

- MY 21ST -

Date: 8th January 2005
Location: Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka, Londang =)
Special Guests: the whole family while visiting shi at londang
Birthday Wishes: to be the best daughter, sister, scholar and a better Muslim, to contribute as much as i could to the family, country, Petronas =), and towards the betterment of ummah. With Allah's will, Insya Allah.

what do i feel right now being 21 years old? i feel really old... really2.. hehee... =D well, normal society will say 21 is the time when you can make your own decision. Ada orang cakap kat saya, 'wah, kamu dah dapat kunci' dah. kunci apa ek? kunci rumah ke kereta? hehee.. kunci yang dimaksudkan adalah kunci untuk berdikari, membuat pilihan dan keputusan dengan sendiri. Me myself, as long as my parents are still here, i will not leave them behind in any of decisions i'll make. I am still going to seek for their advices and suggestions as well as others'. Kerana kata orang2 tua, 'mereka makan garam awal dari kita'. That is so true because they learnt from experience, we learnt from knowledge. While knowledge can be bought, but not experience. Finally, Alhamdulillah, aku masih boleh hidup di dunia ni.. Thank you for the prayers everyone...

Monday, January 17, 2005


Assalamualaikum wbt....

Hi guys!~! Mesti korg tertanya-tanya where have i been? Firstly, i would like to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes - emails, smses, taggies, calls, cards, presents, surprises. I really appreciate those. What most i appreciate is the thought of u guys still remembering me even ada yg jauh2 tu. Sayang korg la! Muahss!!

For your info, im now at PERMATA, Bangi having a re-orientation program with all final year scholars in Australia. That's why i have not updated my blog for ages. It has started on 9th January and will end tomorrow evening. And today, we just arrived from Kuala Lipis and Kuantan for a BTN Program and a Plant Visit. Tonight is the only chance i can get into the net because it has been occupied all the time for the past one week.

To all my brissy peeps, hope we can get together again some time to tanya kabar and plan for the arrangements for new juniors. There are only 2 of them will come to UQ, both are girls. Someone need to pick them up from the airport.. well, we will plan about it k.

Alright, that's all for now. I need to get ready for the rehearsal for tomorrow's closing ceremony. See you guys around with updates ok? Missing everyone... Bye.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hari Bersama Kawan

Salam to all!~! How are you guys doing? Lama btul saya tak dengar cite budak2 brissy especially Mynn for her 'not replying sms or calls'. hehe. Alhamdulillah, dia selamat.. I managed to call her just now, and we borak a lot. heeee. She's been so busy with her works. Same goes to other brissies too i guess. Most them are currenly working. Like Bahiah, Mas, Najwa, Huda, Leen and Aishah. Yesterday, i had my lunch with Mas and Fazz yang datang dari jauh melawat beta. hehee. They stopped over at klcc to have lunch together with me. Thanks to you girls.. =) Datang lah lagi k..

Today lak, suddenly i received a call from Den saying she and her friends are at klcc now. Apa lagi, skali lagi i had lunch together with them plus Baizura, my friend-trainee-officemate. Also with us, Fhadi, Zaireen, Ima and Hasni. Nice having you girls around... =)

*Happy birthday to Kak Yanti (2nd January). Have a blast!! Love you my dear*

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hari Tahun Baru

Cuti 3 days straight from Friday till today. On Friday, i have been to Uniten to claim some things from Hasz. Then, die kene paksa with me teman gi Mid Valley jap. hehee. Thanks for your companion Hasz.I got myself a piece of top and a pair of shoes there after watched them for 2 weeks time. hehee. After dropped her back at Uniten, i rushed back home and accompanied my parents to P.J again. The same route plak tu. hehe.

We had a family barbeque on Saturday nite which was so much of fun and plans. Seronok bile lepak ramai-ramai ngan keluarga ni.. My cousins yang dtg mostly dah ada anak.. So, bising la rumah kami tu yg dah takde budak kecik dah.. Meriah gell. Suka sangat layan depa.. hehe... Yum yum.. ikan bakar cicah air asam sgt best!! =)

Today, dok rumah je tak gi mana2.. I've started my job to contact my fellow tkc friends for a gathering call. Dayo and myself will be organising this gathering this time.

To all tkc 9701 if u read this. You are all invited to:

Saturday, 15th January 2005
TGI Friday's, One Utama
2.00 pm sharp (Lunch time)

More details have been posted at froggies9701. Anything please contact Dayo or myself k.

Lastly, semoga azam tahun baru tercapai. All the best! Gtg now, esok kena bangun awal. Selamat bersekolah untuk adik-adik semua bermula esok! Nite.