Saturday, June 25, 2005


It's now winter holiday! Teringat plak saat-saat manis winter trip last year. I've had lots of memorable moments and kenangan manis yang takkan dapat dilupakan.

Winter Trip, Melbourne '04
~Rabbit, Salwa & Denise in memory~

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Di hati bersama mengembara
Tiba masanya tika saatnya kuterasa
Meredah lautan kasih sinar iman yg subur
Redup menyinar hati sanubariku
Kutabahkan hatiku dibunag berkelana
Gerimis hati terpaku sukma
Semoga hidayahNya kan terus menyinar
Penuhi alam kegelapan
Berikan kekuatan dalam mencari sinar
Di jalan ini kuhadapi duka dan sedu sepi
Bersama teman-teman harungi perjuangan
Biarpun kekurangan ada takkan ku gundah
Kita akan bersama menempuh segalanya
Bersatu hati mendamaikan jiwa yg keluh resah
Janji patri bersama ikatan teguh setia
Berjaya menuju gerbang impian kita harapkan
Di hati kita bersama
Di hati kita melangkah
Jgn dipisahkan kasih bersaudara
Jgn didendamkan ukhwah yg terbina..

Friday, June 24, 2005

R E W A R D S (II)

Yay! Last night after Rabbit and me got back home from the city, all of us yang dah habis our exams decided to have coffee at three monkeys. It's been a long time since I last went there. Kinda miss the place very much. It's really cosy hanging out there especially with your girlfriends. Sorry Denise, I wish we could hang out together too, but I know you'll be having your exam dear. So, it's just five of us, Fazz, Najwa, Aiza and Rab.

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We bumped into our senior at Cromwell, Conda. He's got married already now. He told us that he recognised us by me wearing Cromwell College's jersey. Hehehe. As usual, 'gigam' melanda kami. Well,this pic resembles happy faces of having no more exams!

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They look really nice ay? Best2, layan iced-choc di musim sejuk. Brissy sangat sangat sejuk this year! Unlike past years.

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Gigam has been continued. Suddenly, we were so impressed and kagum with the warna-warni lampu near three monkeys. Yay! Snap! Snap! Snap!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

R E W A R D S (I)

Yay, the final exam is now over! It's my first time finished exam early throughout my uni life. Selalunya, commerce peeps habis exam lambat. The examination department wanna give us a reward kot this time. Heheee. How was my exam? Hoping for the best. Ameen.

But still, I woke up early in the morning today. Good on me kan. :) Coz I have to send a friend off to the airport. Jealoussnyer kat orang yg balik2 ni, uwaa, missing my family right now. Later in the afternoon, Me and Rabbit went to the city to catch up with Hani Joe. At last, we managed to do it! Kata je dua2 kat Queensland, tapi tak pernah ada masa nak hang out together. It was a realllly great hang out kan. Or should I say, a perfect get-together. Sorry Rabbit, terpaksa dengar cerita2 lama and flashback kitorg. Hee. You guys could imagine la kan how conversation between two ex-schoolmates (esp budak sbp all girls) would be bile dah lama tak jumpe. Aaah, really miss college's life.. :(

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Thanks Hani for the treat. :) Yummie yummie nandos. Yah, and today I did reward myself a bubble tea from the new shop at the city. Agak mantap gak la. It tastes quite different from the other shop but has lot more choices. And they rewarded me that anak patung for buying 2 of them. And now, saya sudah mula addicted to bubble tea again. Ish ish.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Final Exam Fever Part III

Pejam celik pejam celik, Swot Vac has ended. And now it's the exam week! I still have one more day before my first paper starts. Need to wrap up everything. Cuaks gak. Nways, I'm actually in the library. Almost everyday my housemates and I go studying dekat library. It's more convenient, and I become more progressive. Agak berkesan jugak la compared if duduk rumah.

Ok I guess this is just a quick update. I gtg to the uni court. We'll have a game normally right after belajar. Basketball or netball, or today we might have a volleyball game. Badan cergas, otak sihat.

To all UQ fellas who will be having final exams starting tomorrow, wishing all of you the very best of luck. May Allah be with us and grant us success.

Friday, June 10, 2005

"It really hurts when hatred comes"

Please know that,
I love or hate you is because of Allah.

Sesungguhnya, Allah Maha Mengetahui.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Untuk Awak

Kalau (kalau tau) awak benci dekat saya,
Jangan lah awak ajak orang lain benci kat saya gak.

Awak tak kesian kan saya ker,
Selama ni awak berkawan dengan saya kan.

Saya harap sangat,
Kalau awak benci kat saya sekalipon,
Awak jangan la ya suruh orang lain bencikan saya jugak,
Atau mengapi-apikan saya.
Tolong ya awak.......

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Final Exam Fever Part II

It's been quite a while since I last blogged. Wargh, when we start thinking about the busy-ness and hectic-ness of lifes, its hell lot to think of. Sampai pening2 kepala. Atama ga itai desu. (practice Jepun jap). I've been questioning myself, is it necessary actually to think about those commitments, routines, and works? Semua tu boleh guarantee ke for our life in hereafter? Wallahua'lam.

Filling in a questionaire (part of Petronas job allocation process) had been part of my To-Do list for this week. This thing had stopped my mind from working for a while. It kept on asking the same thing but with different context of sentences by asking which is the least and most of you.

1st question:
  • I think consultation is essential
  • I am tense before an important meeting
  • I vary my behaviour according to the situation
  • I enjoy taking the lead

2nd question:

  • I think about others' behaviour
  • I judge a situation quickly
  • I like to give instructions
  • I am modest about my successes

Do both look similar? Huhu, 108 questions were driving me nuts. Luckily, I survived. Have to prepare my C.V by tonight too. And also academic report, job application form, study for finals, prepare for tomorrow's, see lecturer, revise tax law, do corps law quiz, yada yada yada... it will never end.

I hate them. Really.