Friday, December 22, 2006

time flies...
today, I was so happy, tertunai impian to meet the former brissies, not all managed to come, but at least there were some :) we had lunch at nandos today, purposely to recall the same place back in brisbane. haha. how funny, but nandos today tasted really good. anyways, had such a really super great time, catching up, updating each other, and lots more. Actually, it's quite impossible to gather everyone back, since everyone has different commitment and responsibility. I am thankful anyway, for the keberkatan masa. Within 3 days i spent in Tower 1 for my training, I did manage to catch up with quite a number of ppl. Happy sgt2. Next time, I will try to catch the others that I missed out.

Unfortunately, this time wouldn't be able to meet any of beloved tkcian peeps.
Wish all of you are in klcc, can meet everyone in one go :D But, I will make time to meet u girls soon insya Allah. When I come home again for hols, not work. :)

Ok all, have a good weekend. I am gonna have one, going back tomorrow to Bintulu.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Lately, always have opportunity to come back home. Alhamdulillah. Actually, I was on official travelling most of the time. Attending meetings, or training session, having groupwide discussion, standardisation etc. This time, I have to sit for a test on current SAP system (a system used to monitor financial transactions) that has been modified. Work is fun at times. But at the moment, I am still in the learning stage, a lot more things to learn, and korek from the experienced ones. I have to enjoy what I am doing right now, if not, it's worthless. I admit at times, works cracked your brain, pissed you off, and increased your blood pressure. haha. That makes me missing myself being a student. When I browsed my photo album just now, I suddenly found this pic of my room when I lived in Cromwell College during my 2nd year.

Wah, I was quite organised before. Actually, I am still. But, things get messy when you have piles of documents/works to finish after. Lama-lama, jadi huru hara. Filing ntah ke mana, apa ntah ke mana. Haha. Nways, can't wait to become a student again, it will be next year insya Allah. But, definitely it will be different from last time. Dulu, full time student, mmg best. But now, partially executive and partially student. Can't imagine how am I going to manage my time. Pray for me.

Friday, December 15, 2006